Eric Haggar, B Ing.
President & Chief Executive Officer
Eric is passionate about building the foundation for growth and success in the business by leading his teams as a people and culture leader. His track record for strategic thinking and project management has allowed for many successful accomplishments. His current position, as the president/CEO of a successful family-owned consulting business which has diversified into Consulting for Mergers & Acquisitions and acquiring various HR Consulting companies. On a personal note, Eric is active in many associations, an all-season sports enthusiast, as a coach and player, passionate about boating, family and loyal friendships.
Mandy Di Lazzaro, CRHA
Managing Partner

Mandy is a dynamic and multilingual HR professional with a proven track record of over 20 years in senior management roles. She leverages her innovative thinking and extensive expertise to empower clients in realizing their objectives, championing trust, team cohesion, and employee engagement.

With a comprehensive understanding of diverse industries, Mandy excels in all facets of HR, fueled by her fervor for aligning talent with organizational needs and cultivating a culture of excellence. Renowned for her direct yet empathetic leadership style, she excels in driving operational excellence and assembling high-performing teams poised for success.

Jessica Benabou

Partner / Director, Talent Acquisition

Jessica held several management roles in banking, where she successfully led several teams as a Branch Manager and most recently as a Talent Acquisition Partner, which allowed her to recruit, and innovate in the highly competitive Quebec market. As a people manager, she prides herself on developing her employees and seeing them grow professionally. Her employees’ success motivates her to keep pushing boundaries; she is always aiming for excellence. Outside of the office, she loves to travel, bake, and spend endless hours with her husband and three children at the arena. She is also very dedicated to philanthropy, community, and volunteerism. She has a strong sense of compassion and is always willing to assist others.
Daniel Bureau
Partner, Chief Financial Officer/ Director Payroll & Benefits
As Chief Financial Officer for the past 10 years, Daniel’s resolve and devotion is recognized by all who cross his path. He is energetic and friendly and is able to create a great, harmonious working environment. When asked which movie title best depicts the story of his life, the answer is “The Working Man” which further proves his dedication to the work he does. In all projects, he will give you 100% to guarantee that you get exactly what you need. He has a creative sense of humor and loves to laugh. He is active in various sports and is a dedicated family man.
Suzanne Penney
Executive Assistant
Suzanne is self-driven and bilingual, with a successful track record in various businesses, focused on a high level of customer satisfaction and service and promotional activities. Known as a passionate, adaptable person who is willing to accept challenges and is comfortable with change. She communicates effectively at various levels while acting as a liaison between managers and employees. Her ability to promote a culture of open communication and trust is highly valued. Her appreciation for the outdoors, particularly golf courses and ski hills keep her connected with nature.